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About us

About us

Zalmoxis Construction

We are a company with more than 20 years of professional experience and a with a portfolio of more than 300, where the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority.

We carry out unique projects where the most important thing for us is the trust and involvement of the client in seeing their dreams come true, we adapt to their needs in both design and functionality.

The founder Ionel Puiu built this company out of nowhere, transmits an involved and entrepreneurial character to our workers. He is the central axis of our organization that today forms a family of more than 80 workers capable of responding to each and every one of the tasks carried out. He is in charge of managing our variety of industrial companies that guarantee the level of demand, quality and finishes.

We have our own team of installers and consultants (interior design, landscaping, etc.)

We achieve results through effort, talent and the desire to improve.

We not only project houses, we project dreams, not only design but design and functionality.